Friday 8 June 2012

Two Steps From Hell

Not strictly a costume related thing, but something I thought I’d share with you.

I almost look forward to the trailers that herald the start of a new series as much as the episodes themselves.
Each year they have become more and more elaborate – and more and more exciting!

This is partly down to the background music that speeds up your heartbeat and adds to the anxiety of the fast cut action you are watching.
For me this was no mores in the trailer for part two of series six. I really like the bit around the point where Amy is battling the Handbots.

So I was keen to listen to it clean and unedited on the soundtrack CD when it came out – but the track was notably by its absence.

It was when I saw a trailer for Merlin, another BBC Saturday teatime series, using the same bit of music I started to wonder if this was actually library music rather than Murray Gold working his magic.

So I did some hunting around on the net – okay, I googled the question – and found out that the track concerned was actually by Two Steps From Hell, which from what I can gather compose library music for the specific intention of it being used in movie  trailers!
Their list of credits is pretty awesome, from Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, SpiderMan, Green Hornet, Avatar, Superman, Tron, Star Trek, Twilight, Batman – basically every high-octane blockbuster seems to use their music on their trailers.

After doing a bit more digging I found the track is called Protectors of the Earth composed by Thomas J Bergersen from their album called Invincible.
It was easy to find on iTunes, where you can download the entire album as well as their previous works.
If you’re old fashioned, like me, you can also buy it as a in-your-hand CD from or

Here are the Doctor Who Trailers, and the Two Steps From Hell tracks they use.
If I find more I’ll add them.

Track used: Tristan

Track used: Destiny Of Mankind


  1. Thanks. I love this music too.

    I was able to find "Protectors of the Earth" and "Tristan" on iTunes, but I could not find "Destiny of Mankind". Where did you locate that song, and/or what album is it on?

    1. I found out the track names though the power of the inter web!

      Only the two most recent albums have been issued on iTunes.

      Destiny Of Mankind comes from an earlier album, which was only available within the industry for commercial use - as far as I can establish they are not available to the public.

  2. I'm sure the music to the series 5 full trailer is just an edited version of 'I am the Doctor' just with more vocals, unless i am mistaken.

    1. It OPENS with that - goes to Two Steps From Hell in the middle - the reverts to Murray Gold music before the end.

      See what they did there?

  3. Ah yes, i see. It's seem-less. By the way, in the opening to 'Day of the Moon' when Amy is being chased by Canton Delaware, is that music by 'Two Steps From Hell'? As it sounds similar to many other of their tracks.

    1. I had a listen - and you're not wrong, it sounds like their stuff.

      Have to see if I can identify which track it is.
      Let me know if you have any luck.


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