Wednesday 20 April 2011

Series Six - costume portrait

With series six about to start on tv, the BBC have released a raft of publicity stills, including this costume portrait of Matt Smith.

Thursday 14 April 2011

EXCLUSIVE News - all can be revealed!

A couple of days ago I posted that I had some EXCLUSIVE News coming up.

Well done everyone who guess it is a lead on . . . .
The trousers!

This week I had an email from someone who follows my blog, saying that on a bored day they had been trawling the net looking around for the new jeans Matt Smith had been seen wearing, and had been using the photo I posted from the cover of SFX magazine as reference.

What they had found – abet in a conventional blue denim – was a pair of jeans with this distinctive low curved pocket shape; positioning of belt loops; location of rivets; and visible waist button.

The jeans are by G-Star, sometimes known as G-Star RAW.

Wednesday 13 April 2011

EXCLUSIVE news - coming soon!

If you’re a mad Eleventh Doctor fan, and are trying to get yourself a series six costume together, then I’ve got FANTASTIC news for you. . .

. . . coming soon!

What can it be??!!
All WILL be revealed

I had an email this week from a follower of my blog, who had spotted part of Matt Smith’s new costume online, and after taking a look myself, I was pretty convinced it was exactly right!

So I have placed an order, which should be with me tomorrow – after which I will know for sure if it is right or not!

If it is: then FINALLY we will have nailed part of this new costume.

If it isn’t: then believe me, we will have found the best-ever second best option!!

Keep checking back to get this exclusive low down!

Sunday 10 April 2011

The Stetson has landed

If you read my review of some places to order genuine Stetsons, you’ll know that I ordered one myself.

Since posting that entry I have had a number of people contact me, eager to know if mine had arrived yet – and this week sure enough it did!

I ordered my hat from Ram Hats, as they looked to give the best price for shipping to the UK, as well as have a good range of sizes showing in stock.

My order was placed on the 28th March; I had a shipping notice the following day; and it arrived on the 4th April, just under a week later. The shipping method they used (International plus insurance) slipped quietly in and I didn’t get any import duty charges.

Thursday 7 April 2011

Bow Ties are getting cooler!

The latest issue of SFX magazine dropped through my letterbox this morning, sporting a Doctor Who cover!
(see left)

Being a subscriber, I get the issues with the fronts devoid of the usual clutter of cover lines – which is a REAL bonus this issue, cos I get to see what the news-stand buyers don’t!

Matt is seen on the cover in his costume, and the news-stand version has a big picture banner across the bottom of the page, covering Matt’s trousers.
The subscriber issue doesn’t have this and you can see them very clearly (see below).