Boots measuring page

Get a piece of blank paper for each foot. Do each foot separately.

Stand on the paper and get someone to trace around your foot with a pen.

Make sure the pen is vertical and doesn’t tip inside of the shadow of your foot.

Now get a tape measure and slip it under the JOINT of your foot and measure around to the top. While the tape is still in place, mark a notch either side of the tape to clearly show where the tape was when it was measured. Write the measurement between the two marks for clarity.

Now repeat around the INSTEP of the foot (halfway down the foot), again marking where the tape was and writing the measurement where the tape was.

Then measure around the HEEL diagonally around to the front of your ankle. Mark this on the paper.

You now need to give a measurement around your ANKLE. Do this around 5 inches up from the ground (and let me know how far up you actually measured).
On the example below this is written as Ankle 9 1/2 @ 5" up.

Repeat for the other foot, and do not worry of measurements aren't the same! We all have one foot bigger than the other. Then write your name on both foot traces.

You should have something like this when finished.

Take a photocopy to keep for yourself in case of questions, and post the ORIGINAL to me ASAP.

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