Wednesday 19 December 2012

New TARDIS interior!

Oh, I can see you’ve doing the TARDIS up a bit.    I don’t like it.

Second Doctor, The Three Doctors

Sorry, from these pictures I am not mad keen.

Thursday 6 December 2012

eBay Layer Boots

Just to show these things do happen, a friend of mine spotted a pair of genuine All Saints Layer Boots on eBay!

However, after the listing be online for a few days it was suddenly closed with a Buy It Now.
me thinks someone did an off-eBay deal. I wonder who? (clue - it wasn’t me)

All Saints Layer Boot UK Size 9, EU 43
This is an amazing pair of used All Saints boots in a size 9, I love these shoes. They work well with any outfit, you can wear it with just about anything, casual or smart and it looks great! It's also in very good condition as I bought 2 at the time and rotated between them. There is evidence of general wear and tear, and the inside heel is beginning to peel off on either foot (see picture), very few scratches here and there. In other words, you'll have to be looking really hard to notice any scruffs; the leather has been well looked after with frequent polishing. I also have a half insole in, for extra comfort and support against long hours of wear.

All Saints retailed this at £165. I am starting the auction at 99p, so no matter how you slice this, you're starring at a great bargain. Good luck to all interested and any questions are more than welcomed.

A Christmas costume of delights

So, the Ponds have gone - and so it seems is any form of style The Doctor had in his wardrobe!

Matt started out in season five with a slightly make-shift costume, cobbled together in haste. This was refined in series six with a more tailored interpretation of his tweed and jeans look.

But all that has well and truly gone out of the window come The Snowmen, this years Christmas special.

There were a number of fan-taken location photos floating around the net, but we now have the first of the official publicity pictures show The Doctors new look.

Here’s a little mini breakdown with my first impressions of the costume, and how it seems to be a nod to a lot of previous Doctors from times gone past.