Sunday 17 June 2012

A Meeting Of Doctors - episode 1

The fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who is coming into view on the horizon, and talk is turning to the notion of the ever popular multi-Doctor episode.

As part of my massive Cardiff photoshoot last month we imagined what it could be like if two of the Doctors met face to face for the first time . . .

So today I am bringing you the first part of A Meeting Of Doctors from the main photoshoot, where I brought together Kevin Coppa, one of the best 10th Doctor cosplayers; and Matt Elliott, the most awesome 11th Doctor look-a-like.

The Doctor’s TARDIS lands in the inhospitable landscape.

The Tenth Doctor steps out. Putting his glasses on he looks around, then heads for a lone diner on a nearby abandoned highway.

Once The Doctor is out of sight, the whirring noise of the TARDIS is heard again, but it is not his TARDIS leaving - it is a second TARDIS landing...

The Tenth Doctor finds a table at the diner, orders a milkshake and takes out a mysterious blue envelope. Inside is an invitation. He does not know who it is from or why he has been invited. All he knows is this is the right place - and time.

He doesn’t have to wait long before a tall, mop-headed, younger looking model of his later self boldly walks into the diner.

He too is carrying a blue enveloped invite - as is his companion Amy Pond!

They join the Tenth Doctor at the table.It isn’t long before confusion ensues: Who invited Who?



  1. Love it brilliant can't wait to see more

  2. This is wonderful. Great job.

  3. I think it would be gr8 if you did more but maybe add a bit more of the 10th doctor, i mean, you have utah, which is where the eleventh doctor died, the blue envelopes, which also happens in the impossible astronaut, or one of those episodes, and finally you have amy pond, who is not a 10th doctor companion


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