Tuesday 29 March 2011

Stetson are cool!

The start of the new series is soon upon us, and as everyone knows it opens with a special two-part adventure set in America.

From the trailers and publicity still out so far, it appears The Doctor accessorises with appropriate American headwear – a Stetson!

Some more recent candid pictures emerged of the filing for a later episode, and the Stetson seems to crop up again (see left), this time giving us a much better view of it and the chance to find a match.

A bit more classy than the fez from last year, there are a number of places to easily get authentic Stetsons – in screen-accurate designs!

Some eagle-eyed members of the RPF have found out that it’s a Stetson 2X (see right).

Thursday 17 March 2011

OMG -The Doctor has got a new COAT!

Filming on the new series was back on location this week, and we got the very first look at a brand new addition to The Doctor’s wardrobe – a Green Overcoat!

The crew had been filming in a Cardiff department store for what is expected to be an episode from the latter part of Season Six, with James Corden looking like he is returning to play Craig from last seasons The Lodger.

It looks like the Cybermen may be back, with Matt holding what looks like a re-imagining of the cybermat, not seen since 1975.

Luckily some keen Who fans were around to snap some pictures, and these initial images give us the first hint of the rear of the coat, which has a very distinctive yolked back, which seems to hang separate from the body of the coat.

Friday 11 March 2011

The camera sometimes lies

This coming week is Red Nose Day, and following on for several previous Doctor Who involvements, there is a special mini-episode to be screen as part of the  Comic Relief fund raising entertainment.

This gives the excuse for a Red Nose Day inspired photoshoot. David Tennant had appeared in 2009 to publicise the cause (see left) and this year it turns to Matt Smith to take up the baton.

He was joined in the photocall by Karen and Arthur, and images of them appeared on the cover of this month’s Doctor Who Magazine (see right).

It gives another nice close-up of the new ‘tweed’ jacket Matt wears, as well as the while gridded shirt.

He can also be seen sporting a new bow tie in a midnight blue silk.