Tuesday 30 November 2010

SFX Magazine Special - bow ties are COOL!

Today saw the publication of the SFX Magazine, Doctor Who: A Celebration.

I particularly wanted to grab a copy as I knew it was to contain a number of costume related items and articles, and it hasn’t disappointed.

While I was on my way to Forbidden Planet to pick up my copy, it occurred to me that the free bow tie could turn out to be some cardboard thing with elastic at the back!
Luckily it is a pukka clip-on bow tie, though a cheap one (hey! what do you expect for a giveaway?)

Only downside is that it’s a child-sized one! (see right, top).

The magazine comes in a large card envelope (see left) which also holds the bow tie and two badges (see above).

From the costume point of view, there are a couple of highlights.

First up as a feature interview with Series Five costume designer Ray Holman.
The best part of this is a discussion on the matt Smith costume, and a reproduction of the design itself! (see below - click to enlarge and read)

Thursday 25 November 2010

Radio Times - first good look of
Matt’s refreshed costume

Today a new copy of the Radio Times dropped through my letterbox (see left).

With Christmas coming soon, this was not actually next weeks issue (that arrived on Tuesday), but the one after, covering the 4th to 10th December.

Right at the very back is a preview of the following issue, being the week before Christmas itself (see right).

Part of the features in that will be inevitable coverage of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and it’s accompanied by a nice festive portrait of Matt in costume.

As far as I am aware, this is one of the clearest photos I have seen to date, showing the refreshed costume (the paparazzi photo taken during filming were distant and blurred, and official stills to date have been equally unclear).

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Eleven TARDISES for Eleven Doctors

If you’ve been reading my other blogs, you’ll have seen that I’ve met up with a number of fellow Who fans and taken them on guided tours of London and the sights to see Who-related.
Amongst my regular stop-off points are the Earls Court Police box and the two Police Posts at Picadilly Circus and St Martin Le Grand.

I always knew of the Picadilly one, but it was some time before I found out about the one near St Pauls. With little other information, I always assumed (the eighth deadly sin) that that was that was left.

But following my latest write-up about the tour with Mark Ferris, a friend contacted me to let me know he had spotted another one, this time in Grosvenor Square, a stones throw from the current American Embassy. What?? There’s THREE? Sure enough, after looking it up on Google Street View I found it.

That got me thinking and so I did some digging on the net and discovered - to my amazement - there are actually ELEVEN surviving Police Posts in the Greater London area. This needed further investigation, so I have been to visit all of them, and here ther are:

View London POLICE POSTS in a larger map

Saturday 13 November 2010

SFX Magazine in free cosplay giveaway!

This posting is quite timely, following my write-up on accessorising your Eleventh Doctor cosutme with Bow Ties and Braces.

I just got my latest subscriber’s issue of SFX Magazine (with a free Tron Legacy Video-CD - YES, video CD - I didn’t think anyone made them anymore!!!!)

Anyway, hidden away on page 113 is a full page advert (see below) for a forthcoming SFX Special Issue, called Doctor Who: A Celebration.

I’m looking forward to getting it when it is out on November 30th, but what caught my eye was the fact it comes with a free Bow Tie!!!

Not only that, it is the blue one (see right) rather than the more obvious burgundy version.

Nice one SFX!

Further details of the speical will be posted on the SFX website, though at time of writing the page istn’t live as yet.