Saturday 11 December 2010

Radio Times - Christmas Doctor Who cover

Since 2006, the penultimate issue of the Radio Times before Christmas has had a Doctor Who themed cover, and this year is no exception.

In previous years it has been robot Santas (see below, far left), as well as Kylie (see below, left) and David Morrissey (see below, right), before David Tennant bowed out with a solo portrait last year (see below, far right).

This year’s cover show matt Smith in his revamped costume, with Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins sharing a ride in his shark-drawn (!!!!) sleigh.

What interests me the most about this cover is a gallery of images on the Radio Times Website.
It give a little insight into the fantastic work that goes into covers such as this.

Firstly there are some out-takes of Matt (sans Santa hat) mastering the hansom cab (see below).

There are then a couple very close to the shots used, showing how his passengers were photographed separately (see below).

Also in the gallery are some out-takes from the photo that appeared a couple of weeks back, some with and without the Santa hat (see below).

There are also some nice full length shots, showing Matt’s new costume, though the images are quite flooded so it’s hard to make out any useful detail (see below).

Finally, there are some nice portrait shots of Katherine Jenkins in character (see below).

All the images above are © Radio Times.
No copyright infringement intended.
Thanks for sharing them with us, Radio Times!!


  1. Wondered if you'd seen the interview (and pictures) with the Costume Designer in the SFX Doctor Who special? Very detailed, it's the old costume, but still. Can scan and send if you'd like?

  2. I think the shoes are Stacy Adams Madison boots here:

  3. Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor, followed closely by David Tennant. Many get mad at me for that. They are always indignant that I do not find David Tennant to be the best doctor. He's quite good, but I do enjoy Matt Smith a bit more. They are both, however, extremely attractive <3

    1. I'm rather undecided between them, certainly Matt has a cooler outfit though.

    2. I normally say David Tenant is my fave, but Matt Smith is really growing on me and is geting harder to be sure, as for Christopher Eccelson,I couldn't stand him and I'm glad he didn't last long.

  4. David Tennant is the best! Followed really closely by Christopher Eccelson!

  5. i love the 11th doctor and the 10th doctor im only 14 but i seen every doctor who episode,movie,book but the new 7th season D:


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