Greatcoat measurements

The following is a guide on how to take the measurements required for overcoat fitting.

They are taken from the Cutters Guide To Lounge Jackets and are designed to help me create a block from which I can cut your suit.

All measurements should be taken in Imperial Inches
The first measurements to take are your Chest, Waist and Seat.

When doing this, make sure you are relaxed and breathed out. If you take it while taking a sharp intake of breathe – it will only fit you when you do the same!

Chest (A) should be taken just under the arms.

Waist (B) should be taken at toe belt level of a well fitting trousers.

Seat (C) should be taken at the widest part of your pelvis.

Now take your Across Chest measurement.

Across Chest (D) should be taken just above the under arm.

We now need to do your Scye Depth, Natural Waist and Full Length. These are slightly tricky, and are best referenced to when the Chest, Waist and Seat were taken.

All measurements are taken from the nape of the neck at (E).

Scye Depth (E to N) should be measured down to the level of the under arm.

Natural Waist (E to F) should be measured down to the level of the belt of a well fitting pair of trousers.

Full Length (E to G)should be measured to the required level of the coat hem. This should be just below the level of your knee.

The next measurements, Across Back, Centre of Back to Elbow & Cuff, should be taken carefully, with your arm raised and your fist to your chest.

Across Back (H to I) should be measured centered on the the arm hole, from the centre of the back to the arm. 

Centre Of Back to Elbow (H to J) should be continued to the point of the elbow. 

Centre Of Back to Cuff (H to K) should be continued to cuff, which should be at the round bone on your wrist.

Nearly there!

We now need to measure your
 Shoulder Length

Shoulder Length (L to M) measure the apex of your shoulder, from the neckline (L) to the end of your shoulder (M).

Finally,  I need your Height (N to O)

Once you have taken all these measurements, please fill them into the email I have sent you and return them to me