Sunday 22 July 2012

All Saints Layer Boots - BACK IN STOCK*

* sort of

Shock of shocks – All Saints, the makers of the Layer boots as worn by Matt Smith in series five, have brought the style of boots back in stock!

The new boots are currently ONLY available through the US site.

All Saints US
Cropped Layer Boot

Don’t get too excited though. Firstly don’t forget Matt wore replicas of the boots; and these ones are called Cropped Layer Boots as they are one eyelet shorter at the top.

Here is a comparison between my own Layer Boots, and the new Cropped Layer Boots.

If you want to be picky, the soles are now a tan leather rather than black, but if you can overlook these couple of slight differences, they are probably worth getting.

However, if you want a pair of genuine All Saints Layer Boots, I’ve spotted a pair currently on eBay!

They are size 11 and look to be in mint condition with their original box and well worth the opening US$120 price.
All Saints Layer Boots

Here is the description.
What you are bidding on today is a genuine pair of All Saints Layer Boots. The very same style of boot that was worn by Matt Smith in his first season on "Doctor Who." These shoes are no longer in production and have been a pain to find for close to three years. These are a perfect pair for any collector, cosplayer or all around fan of British fashion. They are used and have been broken in. The coloring on the left boot is fading to a brown tint, which I think adds character. The end of one lace on the left shoe is frayed but this is easily fixed or replaced. The rubber heel on both boots is thinned but there is so much life left in these shoes it's crazy. I bought these boots for cosplay reasons but I'm heading off to college so all unnecessary items have to go. I really hate having to give these beauties up but they have to go. I paid over $200 for these last year and I haven't added many miles to them. I'm open to offers if they are reasonable. Happy bidding!!

I haven’t seen many pairs of these on eBay recently, so I wonder what they will go for.

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