Saturday 7 July 2012

LFCC 2012 - product Who?

While at this weekend’s London Film And Comic Convention at Olympia, I took a good look around the dealers tables.
There were a lot of cool Doctor Who stuff on offer, most of which was the standard fare you would see at Forbidden Planet or any good science fantasy bookshop.

But if you looked beyond the usual, you could find one or two interesting things to buy.
Here are just a few I thought of note.

Knitted K-9s
Yeah - everyone seems to be knitting things these days, but these caught my eye and made me smile.

Russian Dolls
An original twist on a classic idea, these are pretty and nicely painted.
I do, however, have to pull the seller up on a couple of things. I was looking at them in their glass car, trying to get a good photo or two, when the stall-holder and maker of the dolls came up to tell me about them.
His hard sell and relentless information was quite off putting, and I found their note on the publicity material that they were Patent Pending made me frown as I bet they are NOT BBC licensed.

Matt Smith doll
Something that is distinctly BBC licensed is the posable Matt Smith!

I have seen the publicity photos of Matt and Karen with the dolls, and have read about the attention to detail they contain.

The face is scarily lifelike, for such a small doll.

Seeing it up close was certainly interesting. The doll and costume is certain surprisingly accurate, with a reproduction of the Shetland Tweed fabric, with the stripes and pattern repeat just right.
His jeans and boots are also pleasingly accurate.

The doll comes with a variety of interchangeable hands so he can hold a number of prop sonic screwdrivers and accessories.

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