Wednesday 21 March 2012

Series Five items spotted on eBay

I was having a browse on eBay this week and came across a couple of listing showing there is still a supply of ‘original’ series five item, if you look hard enough - and have deep pockets.

Firstly I found a pair of All Saints Layer Boots, size 10/10.5.

The US based seller started them at US$49, with an undisclosed reserve. From what I can guess, a buyer did a deal with the seller, and the listing was pulled, before being reposted with a fixed price of US$475.
Remember these boots were around the £120 price tag when new.

Up for auction is the VERY RARE damn near impossible to obtain pair of original ALLSAINTS SPITALFIELDS "LAYER BOOT", the very same pair as seen on Matt Smith in DOCTOR WHO series, this boot style was also his personal pair off set at the time. These have been long out of production by AllSaints and have been pretty much scarce on the secondary market since. This pair is a UK/EU 44, the rarest and more desirable size to find. If you were a 10-10.5 or even 11 US they should fit great. This pair has the Vibram rubber bottoms professionally placed to match Smith's as the 11th Doctor and also, well, to keep you from slipping. Note: the "worn in" look is part of the style on the boot. Please make sure you know your size and read my description carefully.
Stand out with Cosplay with the REAL DEAL! these are virtually impossible to come by now, don't miss out!

Please be aware of your size as there are no returns accepted. Sold as-is. Thanks! :)

At the same time I also spotted one of the reissued Paul Smith Scroll Line burgundy shirts.

The seller seems to have two for sale, both in large: one on auction with a starting price of £299.99; the either for £399.99 on a fixed price.

At the time of writing both of the shirts are still available. So if you want one . . . .  nows your chance!


  1. You missed the blue Paul smith shirt I won it for 60 dollars. There is also a red smith that's about 130 dollars

    1. This was just a one off dip into the world of eBay, but well done in picking up a blue shirt for less.

      I think it's down it the seller if they know the value of what they are selling, or if a couple of buyers want to slog it out in a bidding war - THAT'S what pushes prices sky high.

      Can you mail me a link to your wins?
      Curious to see which flavour of blue shirt you found.

    2. hey its this guy again, and just wanted to say while this bid was going on,at the exact same time for the exact same boots but for a size 9-10(said 8)and i got them for 50,also they just came in today. i must say these are probably the coolest part of Matt's costume(wear them forever)

  2. is the blue shirt and which is the red shirt


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