Tuesday 26 November 2013

Time Of The Doctor - costume portraits

The dust has barely settled since the 50th Anniversary special, and the BBC publicity machine is already getting into gear to promote the Christmas special, and Matt Smith’s final outing as The Doctor.

From the look of things, aside from the battered top hat, he’s wearing exactly the same costume as seen in The Snowmen last year.


  1. He also wears the 50th costume at the beginning at least, as is evident by the huggy filming pictures that people took forever ago

  2. Is the bow tie new? Lovely embroidery.
    It must be Make Do and Mend at the BBC for the outgoing Doctor - they've only budgeted for a new tie.
    PS. Clara's cardigan is sweet with the bow ties too!
    cheers Gerry

  3. ooh, love the embroidered bow tie....hmmm...maybe I should try make one. I do like a bit of embroidery.

  4. The buttons on the waistcoat are definitely changed from last year's Snowmen costume. Other than that, its bang-on.

  5. what are those pants hes wearing.


    1. The same ones as those seen in 'The Snowmen' and 'Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS'.


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