Thursday 14 November 2013

Day Of The Doctor - costume portraits

It’s less than ten days until the 50th Anniversary special, and the BBC have released some high resolution pictures of Matt Smith in full costume.

The cashmere frock coat gets its penultimate outing.

This is worn over a new charcoal fine Prince of Wales checked waistcoat; blue shirt; and a new deep purple and small polka dot bow tie.

The trousers are a pair of his usual G-Star RAW; and he wears the purple boots to go with the frock coat.

The picture at the top gives a good view of the boots, and how high they come up the ankle.

Must say I’m looking forward to seeing Matt in action again!


  1. Alas! Only one more outing!

    I bet you can't wait to get stuck into Capaldi's costume.

    It's like a never ending quest for you!

  2. Check out mrs.bowtie now they have added new bow ties including the Aztec key one and the 50th anniversary one.

  3. Any idea where to get boots as close to these as possible?

    1. If you want screen accurate, drop me an email to and I can arrange for the original makers to do a pair for you bespoke.


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