Saturday 7 December 2013

Mrs Bowties are cool!

There was a time (i.e. series five) when Matt Smith seemed to have a limited wardrobe of bow ties in just burgundy and navy blue.

Series six brought in some new variants and by series seven he sported a different bow tie for each episode!

The more recent ones are unique in their style, so finding anything that remotely matches is near impossible.

A little while ago I highlighted a range from Mrs Bowtie, a UK based seller of handmade ties.

They have just added SIX new ties to their Doctor Who tribute range, each available self or pre-tied.

I have been sent a set to review, and shall give my individual views on them over the next few days, but to kick off, here is a preview of what is on offer.

50th Anniversary

The Aztec Key

Blue & Purple Bark

Burgundy Weave

Copper Burn

Impossible Astronaut


  1. I love that Mrs Bow Tie is making these. I only wish they were a little more accurate, and woven instead of printed. I have their Thyme Lord tie, and it's cool and all, but the quality is a bit less than I expected. So far, based on the pictures, I think Magnoli's Chevron tie is about the most accurate replica I've seen.

    Looking forward to your upcoming reviews!

  2. Thank you for posting these after I contacted you

  3. I'm with the top comments 100%. I've been happily wearing Mrs Bow Tie's Thyme Lord and Akhaten ties, and they're great, but I wish they were a bit more bold. The Thyme Lord tie they have on show in Cardiff (assuming it's the actual one from Bells of St John!) is a surprisingly complex woven design behind the sprigs of thyme. Even the more accurate pattern on the Etsy/Directors Cabin Akhaten tie is limited by how good printed ties can look.

    As Magnoli is nailing the ties at the moment I think I'll keep my powder dry and wait for his versions...


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