Friday, 8 November 2013


I’ve had a very busy week - been having a very busy couple of months come to that.
October has been manic for US clients wanting something for Halloween, and now I have a rush for the 50th Official Celebration - all on top of my usual bits and pieces I do.

It’s funny sometimes how I don’t get asked to make a particular garment for ages, then I get a run of orders and find myself under a mountain of cloth.

This month is seems to be tweed!

If you’re waiting on a jacket from me - it’s likely yours is one of those shown above!


  1. Damn it man!

    You do know how to make me jealous.

    What I would give for riches to befall me so that I could throw it all your way for all your wonderful garments.

    To think it's been years since I purchased something from you!


  2. Looks like those two jackets traveled through the time vortex from different stages of life to end up all in the same time and space. Probably has something to do with the 50th anniversary celebration.

    1. Whoops, never mind. If you read the words that go with the picture they explain it. Curious though how this blog entry from the past just seems to have popped up in the present when I have no memory of it being there before... ;)

    2. Well Trent, the Shetland tweed on the mannequin to the right is yours, and the one hanging in the middle at the back is your Donegal!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes. Get in touch if you want to commission a jacket.

  4. Are the Tweed Jackets still for sale? And for how much? Thank you, love! (I'm a girl cosplaying as The 11th Doctor nest year on Halloween with my friends)