Friday 1 November 2013

Cashmere Frock Coat - Magnoli version

Matt Smith’s cashmere frock coat is becoming increasing popular.
Personally I’m getting a lot of enquiries about it.

For the choice of fabric, the best alternative option out there is the Abby Shot coat, though their pattern leaves a bit to be desired.

If you so desire you can order something that resembles the coat from a variety of eBay sellers from the Far East, all of whom will make you a coat to measure for as little as $100.

Another option is to order one from Magnoli Clothiers in New Zealand.

Smith Frock Coat by Magnoli Clothiers
I’m afraid I don’t much care for this version.

The length of the coat is almost a foot too long. It desperately needs to be hacked back.

It’s difficult to tell from the photos, but I’m struggling to see the right number of buttonholes. There should be six on each since of the coat.

The back of the coat lacks almost everything a frock coat should have.

I can’t see the arched princess seams from the shoulders, and the skirt is in a single piece from the front edge to the back vent.

The top of the vent is too low, remembering that the coat is around a foot too long as well.
I can see why the fabric has been chosen. As well as being purple, the screen-used material has a shy-blue flecking which is very subtle.

I know this has been a sticking point for a number of cosplay fans, who seem to fixate about seeing a flecking in the fabric.

The choice, which undoubtedly has the flecking - in red and navy as well as the light blue - is at cost of almost everything else that needs to be right about the fabric. Not a very good attempt. Sorry.


  1. I understand the coat in the photo was made for a prticulaely tall customer

    1. That may explain the length, but it does not forgive the fabric choice or issues with the design of the back.
      It lacks the flare of a true frock coat.
      The pictures don't sell the coat to me.

  2. "you can order something that resembles the coat from a variety of eBay sellers from the Far East"

    Would you recommend this for those of us on a very small cosplay budget?

    1. You get what you pay for. If you are on a small budget you might want to go down the Far East route to block in your costume. It would be a cosplay piece, and not something you'd really want to wear day-to-day.


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