Friday 25 October 2013

One MILLION hits!

This week was a bit of a landmark day for this blog - I have passed the 1,000,000 hit!!!!

Since I started my first blog for my Tennant Coat back in March 2009, I didn’t know where things would lead.
I started covering costumes for other Doctors, and soon had to spin them out into other parallel blogs.

Before long I had NINE costume streams – all covering my various clothing endeavours!

The blog you are reading has proved by far to be the most popular and read – the 1,000,000 hits is testament to that. But what it doesn’t really reveal is the daily hit-rate I have been having.
Here are the dull figures!

219,472 hits in 1,679 days
130 hits a day
361,974 hits in 1,672 days
216 hits a day
98,975 hits in 1,462 days
68 hits a day
74,156 hits in 1,236 days
59 hits a day
111,450 hits in 1,510 days
73 hits a day
139,683 hits in 1,462 days
95 hits a day
64,829 hits in 1,468 days
44 hits a day

1,000,000 hits in 1,393 days
a staggering 718 hits a day!

As you can see, the Eleventh Doctor blog blows the others out of the water when it comes to hits, especially when you look at them as a per-day rate.

I have to thank EVERYONE one who’s visited my blogs and given me the hits I’ve had. It’s great to know someone out there is reading what I write, and hopefully enjoying it along the way.

I wonder who that 1,000,000th visitor was . . ..  ?


  1. Congratulations on a million hits! This is the first blog of yours that I knew about, and possibly my favorite, but I have since come current on your Fourth and Tenth Doctor blogs, and I'm now following all three (or four). Thanks for all the effort you put in to them. I for one have been enjoying them very much.

  2. Congratulations and keep up the good work! :)


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