Sunday 20 November 2011

boots - Boots - BOOTS!

This week I picked up a number of pairs of the Season Six Matt Smith boots from the Bootmakers.

Having spent some time talking to them while getting my own boots made, they agreed, exclusively through me, to help a number of other cosplayers get the Holy Grail of Matt Smith footwear!

The shoes they made were very wide ranging in sizings a fit, and all were done to precision.

One pair were a size 13 – another much small, but for a very wide fitting (see right).

The bootmakers who kitted out The Doctor, although they are one of the most famous footwear makers for film and tv, they are a small company and deal exclusively with production companies or theatres, and are used to bulk orders for chorus lines or the requirements for the cast of a complete film.

As a result they are NOT happy to take calls from the public or make one-off items which occupy more of their time than it does to make them.

However, through negotiations I conducted with them, they are willing to make boots for Doctor Who fans, so long as the orders come exclusively through me.

This way I can answer all questions prior to making them; arrange for the foot tracings and measurements to be taken and passed on; payments to be made; and delivery globally via my personal FedEx shipping account.

As you can see, I have already arranged a number of pairs, and one of the buyers has posted about it in his blog, Very Well Dressed Hitchhiker.

This service has now been discontinued due to sharp increases in manufacturing costs, and declining quality of finished product. Sorry for any inconvenience


  1. It looks like Magnoli Clothiers has a suitable alternative for season six boots, they are called Pemberly Victorian Boots,, but it seems cheaper just to order from Steve.

  2. How much are the shoes

    1. He won't tell you, he only tells you if you message him. And, I've messaged him 3 times and I've had no response... so disappointing

    2. I reply to all requests, so I don't know if you're going into a spam folder or using the wrong email address.
      Please message again to and I'll happily send the info.

  3. I realize these aren't authentic, but they're not far off (these are women's shoes)

  4. Approximately how much do they cost?

  5. They are awesome, how much are they?

  6. A question I have having searched and found a few alternatives with and without this detail. The recreated boots above have the single lower curved stitch line down to where it ends at the heal. Most of the good views I've seen of these boots have a second stitch line slightly above that run the same. Was one original boots these were similar to or were there some kind of variation?

    You can see here one seems to have it and one not.


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