Tuesday 2 August 2011

DIY All Saints boots

Season Five’s elusive All Saints Layer Boots still tease and frustrate all of us - especially those who missed out on the chance of getting a pair when they were current.

You can easily say goodbye to many hours of your life trawling eBay on a fruitless search for a pair, and if you do find some, end up a king’s ransom lighter in the process (see right)  – or you can do what one of my clients has done recently – make your own! (see below)

Okay, so these aren’t perfect – but I bet they had you fooled and still have you staring at them trying to work them out in your mind!

The boots were actually bought for $40 on eBay from a seller the Far East. they were a basic boot, similar (but not identical) to the ones shown below.

The buyer then employed a leather worker to slice the top inch off the ankle of the boots, and add the contrasting brown band to build the boots back up to the right height and style.

This cost $40 to do, so the boots came in at around $80 total!

For that price you can’t go wrong – especially when you are getting a boot that is a dead ringer for the real deal.

The proud owner told me, “Since I really did not want to hunt down an authentic pair of All Saints AND pay the astronomical prices they are going for, I though finding a good pair of boots that had the overall look AND could be modded with the layered look would be the best bet. They are not a perfect match, however I feel they look the part just fine - and at a fraction of the cost.”

Very inventive, and well done I say!

All Saints boots on eBay
If you don’t have the contacts to do this type of modifications yourself, you can always begrudgingly head back to eBay, where a pair of genuine All Saints Layer Boots have just been listed.

They currently have a 99p starting price, but I don’t think that will last for very long.

The description is as follows:
All Saints | Black/Choc Layer Boot | 10/44 | Vintage Item | As worn by MATT SMITH as the 11th DOCTOR WHO


Boots are supplied in ORIGINAL All Saints box.

The boots are in a good worn condition as you can see from the photos the boots have turned a darker brown due to the natural finish of the leather. These boots are stylish and practical and are a fantastic vintage addition to any wardrobe and outfit.

I am happy to upload more photographs for serious bidders.

I will consider ending the auction early if serious offer is made.

Bidders from overseas are welcome but please contact me via eBay as your postage charges will vary.

Please check out my other items.
Thanks for looking and happy bidding.
I must say the boots have gone a curious brown colour. The pair I own are still a true black, so I can’t immediately see why these have changed so dramatically.

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  1. I don't suppose any more specifics could be posted about the boot used? The boot shown has a zipper which could be problematic. Also, the stitching is a little off. I usually wouldn't be so pedantic, but 80 is still a lot for a uni student :P


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