Tuesday 30 August 2011

Sad news

I’m afraid there won’t be many updates in my blogs for the next week or so, while I am coming to terms with the sudden loss of one of my much loved cats.

Chester, who was five, died after a very short and sudden illness.

Despite being rushed to the Royal Vetenary College in South Mimms – the UKs leading animal emergency care hospital – they were unable to save him and his vital functions slowly slipped away, taking from us a much loved and cherished member of our household.

I will respond to emails as best I can and will get back to work very shortly. In the meantime, please spare a thought or two for Chester.

It has been a very tough week.
I keep expecting Chester to come around the corner while I am trying to work, pestering me yet again for a bowl of food or at the very least a tickle. You don’t quite realise how their obsessive routines so deeply interweave with your own and become part of how your day regularly unfolds.

We have been very touched and deeply moved by the number of comments posted below, as well as personal messages I have received.
I have read every single one many times over, and knowing there is sympathy and support from friends and clients as well as casual readers has been most uplifting at this difficult time.

Thank you all so very much, and if you wish to add to the comments I warmly welcome them.



  1. I was saddened to hear the news that Chester's life ended suddenly. Although I didn't know your cat, I can see from the writing on your blog how much you cared about him, and I know you will miss him deeply after your many years together. Please accept my sincere sympathy on the passing of your dear friend.

  2. I'm sure pretty much most people will, but I too know the pain of losing a loved animal.

    Of course we never get used to it. They're just as important as any other member of our family.

    I'm incredibly sorry to hear that Chester is no longer with you. But just think of all the other Cats out there that don't have owners that care for them as you did.

    At least Chester lived a life fully loved and cared for. I'm sure if the roles were reversed, Chester would miss you just as much.

    I hope you feel better soon Steve. Again, I'm really sorry that this had to happen, and my thoughts are with you.

  3. Consider thoughts spared for your lovely cat. I'm awfully sorry for your loss - but the most important thing is that he lived a good life and that he very obviously was well cared for.

  4. I also want to add, that you should take as much time as you need.

    I'm sure I speak for all of those that follow your blog, that we are more than just customers and Doctor Who fans, leeching and waiting for more Who news. In that if something is truly troubling you, we would much rather have you get better from it, than force yourself to work in such a way.

    In short; we care just as much about you as we do your blogs.

    I wish you all the best again buddy!

  5. Steve,

    I'm very sorry for your lose. I'm a cat enthusiast myself, so I understand what a terrible tragedy this is. I realize that this must be particularly difficult because Chester was so young and the illness so sudden. You have my full sympathies.

    The photos you posted of Chester are adorable. He will certainly be in my thoughts.


    P.S. I've had cats my whole life and presently have a two-year old marble tabby named Henrietta, who looks very much like Chester except she's brown/gray (like a raccoon) rather than orange.

  6. Am so sorry to read that. Sincere condolences. I know how it feels - a member of the family they are. Lost one of my own after 18 years.

    Take care Steve.

  7. Sorry for your lose. My condolences to you. Its never easy to lose someone close to us.

  8. Steve, I'm so sorry for your loss. I love my cats, and know how special and important they can be in our lives.

  9. So sorry to hear this Steve! My heart goes out to you, there is no love like the love of a pet.


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