Monday 25 October 2010


I’ve been asked by a number of people recent, “Where is the best place to get my bow ties and braces?”

Well, after hunting around a bit, I have found that it is possible to get everything from a single source, at a good price – and pretty screen accurately too!

Swagger & Swoon, from where I recommended an Alternative Tennant Tie, also stock bow ties and braces.

Their bow ties are £12.99 for the burgundy, and £16.99 for a navy one (see below).

They also do a great set of burgundy narrow braces.
Everything about these is, as far as I can see, screen accurate, right down to the silver cross-over on the back (see right).

The braces are £17.49 for either burgundy or navy (see below).

Plain Burgundy Narrow 25mm Silver Clip Braces

The website can often go out-of-stock on stuff, but they do regularly get new supplies, so if things aren’t available, check back again cos you never know!

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  1. Where can i get a bow tie similiar to the ones worn in series 6?


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