Saturday 13 November 2010

SFX Magazine in free cosplay giveaway!

This posting is quite timely, following my write-up on accessorising your Eleventh Doctor cosutme with Bow Ties and Braces.

I just got my latest subscriber’s issue of SFX Magazine (with a free Tron Legacy Video-CD - YES, video CD - I didn’t think anyone made them anymore!!!!)

Anyway, hidden away on page 113 is a full page advert (see below) for a forthcoming SFX Special Issue, called Doctor Who: A Celebration.

I’m looking forward to getting it when it is out on November 30th, but what caught my eye was the fact it comes with a free Bow Tie!!!

Not only that, it is the blue one (see right) rather than the more obvious burgundy version.

Nice one SFX!

Further details of the speical will be posted on the SFX website, though at time of writing the page istn’t live as yet.

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