Saturday 16 October 2010

Paul Smith shirt - BACK IN STOCK!!!!!

This week is one of the few times dreams come true for Doctor Who cosplayers!

The much demanded and anticipated Paul Smith ‘scroll stripe’ shirt worn by Matt Smith in series five is now finally back in stock, having been brought back by popular demand.

Now, word is this is a very limited run, and will only be in stock literally, while stocks last!
So if you want one – grab one quick.

The webpage is accompanied by some great pictures of the shirt, and to preserve them when stocks are expired, I have included them here, at their full resolution (click on the pics to enlarge).

The shirt includes pretty much ALL the design details demanded: the buttonstand is three columns wide, with the buttons visible (see below); there is no breast pocket, as some found shirts had (see above).

The cuffs are striped, with two buttons on the cuff, though strangely there are three buttons in the placket, not one as screen-used.

The back is tailored (see below) as was the one Matt Smith wore, in the same way as the shirts that were available from
The photos do not show the red embroidered PS motif on the placket of the right-hand sleeve, but this may be a prototype and it possibly appears on the sale shirts.

The only sad news is that there will be no blue colourway to accompany this burgundy version.
Still, best not look a gift horse in the mouth.
Instead we should all offer a MASSIVE thank you to everyone at Paul Smith who made this happen – they have made a lot of Doctor Who fans very happy!
Paul Smith is cool!!!


  1. It seems that Medium, Large and XXLarge are already out of stock, with only Small and XLarge remaining.

    I am seriously glad I jumped on the first train after noticing these on the website, it seems this was a very limited run indeed.

    Indeed a big thank you to the people at Paul Smith, I'm loving the two Mediums I bought at Covent Garden. In fact I'm wearing one to work this very Monday morning (with burgundy tie rather than bow tie!)

    Maybe this quick selling out of stock might persuade them to next release the blue variant next...

  2. All sizes now out of stock. :-[

  3. Come on blue version! Let's get that blue version!

  4. For those of you who dithered about getting the limited edition Paul Smith/Matt Smith Season 1 shirt - only to repeated kick yourself because it sold out in 72 hours - Christmas/Hanukkah/Boxing Day/other pagan holiday came early this year!

    As I sadly continued to refresh the listing tonight, hoping the shirt would reappear - lo and behold - it's back, and available in all sizes (as of 19:30 EST) except XXL. Who says there are no second chances? Mine is now on its way!

  5. does anyone know of anywhere to get a women's version that might be close to this?

  6. how can i purchase one???? im in the us and i need a small size

    1. I have two size small burgundy replicas in stock. Message me direct at if you are interested.

  7. really really need to find out where to get one of these soon

  8. Can these be found anywhere still?


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