Monday 5 December 2011

Utah shirt

Well, I’ve been rumbled.

Now I’m back from Chicago TARDIS, a number of people have been on to me, asking about a shirt I wore for part of my many costume changes.

It’s a copy of the shirt first seen in The Impossible Astronaut during the Utah scenes.

I made it just in time to wear at Chicago, so only now do I have time to show it off.

Earlier this year I had the luck to get access to an original, screen-worn shirt, so have been able to crack the puzzling details that make this shirt unique.

The pattern is cut to a classic dress shirt design, just like the real thing, and I have perfected the unusual tabbed collar (see left), and distinctive mitred cuffs (see below).

I have matched the design of the fabric using Spoonflower, so after a few tests, I got it pretty much spot on.

If you want to order a
Matt Smith Utah shirt,
please drop me an email at 
and I can send you full details.


  1. if only it was in the right colour for the bowtie

  2. iv got a very simerla tweed blazer to that but it dosnt have three things the elbow cups the cut at the back and sonic pockets


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