Sunday 11 December 2011

Series Six - accessories

While I was at Chicago TARDIS I worn my on-off Captain Rory Williams outfit, complete with eye-patch (see right).

There were a number of Madame Kovarians around (see left), and I was asked a number of times where I got my eye-drive! Most had made their own from papier mâché, but mine was cast in latex.

I had bought mine through a member of the dw_cosplay community, and I thought it a good opportunity to trumpet his work, plus a few others I have bought things from recently.
Eye Drive
The seller on dw_cosplay makes two versions basic versions.

Version 1 - Doctor
Based on Matt Smith’s look, with the double bump in the middle

Version 2 - Generic
Based more on the Madame Kavarian, which has a smoother, flatter inner edge.

Each comes in a choice of finish.

The top row is black in colour and the bottom row is Shimmer on the left and Gunmetal on the right.

The seller recommends using spirt gum to attach the eye drive, but I’m not confident with that, so I used toupee tape! It’s easy to use and very sticky. Believe me, standard double sided tape doesn’t cut it.

The price is £15 each or 4 for £50.

P&P is free in the UK and £2 overseas. His paypal address is - Just make sure to add an address and which version / colour you want.

Name Badge
Another member of the dw_cosplay forum has recently done a group run of name badges, as seen in Closing Time.

The artwork is great – very well recreated.

The badges are made of durable plastic, with a thick, clear laminated front. The back has a brooch pin to attach it to your shirt!

My only criticism would be the corners are more rounded than the real thing, but otherwise it is a quality item and at a fair price.

The price is £7 each.

P&P in the UK is 50p and £2 overseas.
His paypal address is - Just make sure to add an address and which version / colour you want.

Seeing a good opportunity, it’s no surprise that Forbidden Planet have produced their own version, due for release just before Christmas.

Their website has a placeholder image, so it remains to se seen how accurate they are.

In the meantime – support the fan group run!

Invitation Envelopes
I have seen a number of these floating around on eBay since pretty much the day after The Impossible Astronaut was first shown!

You had to read the listings very carefully though, as some were just the invite inside a blank-fronted envelope. Bit sneaky.

I don’t want to give publicity to these cheap sets, but watch out for photos like the one shown here (see right).

As time has gone on, some sellers have started reproducing the fronts of the envelopes too, which is no mean feat with all the different stamps and postal marks they carry.

Again, I would look around eBay before buying, as I have seen some envelopes being sold individually in auctions (see above), which have gone up to £43 - for one envelope!

But I found myself a seller with a complete set, which I bought for £30.

The complete set I bought are nicely put together.

The stamps are, as far as I can see, are pretty accurate and are colour photocopies, individually attached.
The postmarks are then printed over the top, just like the real thing.

They certainly stand up to scrutiny and for £30 the set, I’m very happy with them.

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