Tuesday 27 December 2011

12-days – day two

Day Two
Day Two of my Twelve Regenerations Of Christmas, and I have a quirky Matt Smith costume for you.

This year’s BBC pre-Christmas trailer had a variety of personalities celebrating the festive season together, all wearing the garish knitted jumpers your Grand Mother insist on buying you for Xmas!

One shot shows Matt and Karen play a form of Twister with a Cyberman.

The jumper Matt wears may look like a one-off (and probably should have been!), but you can buy one for yourself!

They are available form The Christmas Jumper Shop.

They come in a range of colours, but it’s the Royal Blue you need to choose – if you really wanted to look like Matt.

For the Amy Pond cosplayers, you can get her jumper too!

This one is more widely available. In fact you can even get it at play.com (see below).

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