Wednesday 14 September 2011

Doctor Who Adventures
in cosplay giveaway!

The UK’s magazine for younger Doctor Who fans, Doctor Who Adventures, gives away some form of free gift on its cover each and every week.

This will vary from a Slitheen whoopie cushion; to a cyberman face mask; or just a note pad and pencil.

Well this week here has been an Eleventh Doctor dressing-up set, which includes a sonic screwdriver, TARDIS yale key, the obligatory note pad, and a genuine bow tie! (see right)

All for the princely sum of £2.75. You can’t go wrong!

Well apparently you can.

One unscrupulous seller on eBay has listed theirs for sale - with a starting price of £4.99, and you don’t even get a free magazine with it.

The thing that amazes me is that there’s even a bid!

Well, the dressing up kit on eBay not only one, but four bids pushing it to £6.75, nearly three times the cover price (even without the magazine behind it!

If you missed the oppertunity of paying through the nose for that, you currently have a second chance from another seller, who has listed it (with magazine this time) for £20!

And if you really wanted to place a bid yourself, here’s the link

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