Monday 11 July 2011

London Film & Comic Convention 2011 -
cosplay selection

After going on a Guided Tour Of London Doctor Who locations, how better to spend the afternoon looking around the London Film & Comic Convention in Earls Court.

I made it my mission to see if I could catch and photograph as many Doctor Who cosplayers as I could spot.
Here, grouped by Doctor, are the ones I could find.

Nobody seemed to dress as Doctors One to Three, but there were a couple of Fours, one of whom I had met before at the Time Quest event early last year.

I didn’t spot any Fives, but I did find a Femme Six!

Looking around I did then spy a total of three Sevens (though I only snapped two) and an equal number of Aces to go with them, one of whom had been my tour guide earlier in the day on the Doctor Who London Tour!

I spied and missed the only Eight at the event, but I did catch the sole Nine who was out with his Rose from The Empty Child.

I also found an appropriate Rose for one of the Tens I spotted.

Other Tens included a lad I met at the Doctor Who Prom this time last year; and one of my clients, proudly wearing his coat. Apparently his coat had been recognised at the weekend not only as a Tennant Coat, but as one of my Tennant Coats, which was flattering.

This only leaves the Elevens and the Amys, which as you would expect were ten to the dozen!

Here is a selection of both.

But my favourite Doctor Who cosplayer of the day goes to a young lad who was dressed in UNIT uniform.

Every time I saw him he was smiling profusely and looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself, which for me is what cosplay is all about - HAVING FUN!

UNIT boy – 
I salute you!


  1. Love your snaps bro.. looks like a hoot!

    The "Window pane dress shirt with mitred cuffs" is also known as a "Muted Brown Check Dress Shirt" I have found it easy to find. A website has claimed to sell it though when I clicked on the shirt it offered to sell different shirts. This is the website anyway:

    The Pale Mauve Striped Dress Shirt with mitred cuffs has been especially difficult to find for me in Oz & I still haven't found it though I believe I may have found an alternative with surprisingly accurate detail. This shirt is named
    "Forzieri White and Purple Striped Cotton Button Down Dress Shirt"

    The 11th Doctor's new Jacket is sold here:

    Judging by your website I know you are more than capable of figuring out the rest.

    I have been enjoying this website for a long time & appreciate it very much. Love your work.
    Thanks A

  2. Photographed 7th Doctor here (the one with the hat). Great to have finally met you in person Steve, once again, thanks for the hatbands!

    When I get a moment I'll try do a comparison shot of the older ones compared to the new set you offered a few months back.

    The event was great, if more than a bit hot and overcrowded... once again the costumed lot really made it, and it was great bumping into Doctor Who costumers I hadn't met before.

  3. I forgot to mention, there was a female 5th Doctor and an excellent 2nd Doctor costumer present, although only briefly. He took part in the main photo gathering so you might be able to find a shot or two of him.

  4. Awwh I was dressed as ten with a bttf hoverboard did you see me?

  5. Awesome man. Got a fair few pics there. And I had to agree with you on the UNIT lad. His cosplay was just fantastic!

  6. i'm the Femme Six, thats an awesome pic! :D

  7. That unit guy was awesome! Congrats on getting some great pics. I'm the Bottom left Amy with scarf :)


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