Tuesday 19 July 2011

Doctor Who Experience - in 3D!!!

I have got an absolute TREAT for you today!

This week I had the opportunity to revisit the Doctor Who Experience in Olympia, and thought rather than just get some more endless photographs of the displays, I would do something EXTRA special.

I know a lot of my readers are in the US, so are unlikely to get the chance to see the exhibition at first-hand.

So what I’ve got for you is the near next-best thing - a walk through the displays - in 3D!!!! Well, one of those panoramic views you can interact with.
First up is the line-up of The Doctor’s costumes, giving you a real sense of how they are presented.
The Ten Doctors

These displays are behind the TARDIS, with Matt Smith standing beside it. The panorama below give you a sense of how these work together.
The Eleven Doctors

Behind the TARDIS, passing through the middle of The Doctors, you pass the glass cases containing the Doctor’s sonic screwdrivers. You come to the new series TARDIS console room.
New Series TARDIS - view 1

New Series TARDIS - view 2

A short walk away is the TARDIS console room from the 1980s, first seen in The Five Doctors.
Classic series TARDIS

There is also a display similar to The Doctors, this time for the companions.
The Companions

We then move to The Monster Zone, encountering the Daleks on the way.
The Dalek Line-up

In the main area, the Giant Robot has be relogated to a side wall and The Silence have taken centre stage. Not sure I entirely agree with this decision.
The Monster Zone

Finally, back at the very start ebfore you see the “Experience” itself, there are a couple of displays, including The Silurians.
Silurian Display

I hope you enjoyed seeing these unusual views of the exhibition. I’ll have to do more of them some time. let me know what you think.


  1. Phenomenal! Thanks for doing these. You used an iPad app to do the panoramic stitching I assume?

  2. No - I used my trusty iPhone 4 !

    Me love me iPhone.


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