Saturday 23 July 2011

The Jammiest Dodger of them all!

Had to share this one with you.

I was in M&S (Marks and Spencer) today getting some lunch, and I came across the most AWESOME Jammie Dodger I have ever seen!

It puts the one Matt Smith used in the shade - literally!

It’s actually a tin, containing twenty real Jammie Dodgers, all for £4.99!!
And once you’ve eaten all the Dodgers in sight, you have a neat tin to refill for next time!

The biscuit part of the tin is in relief, and the jam filling is an illustration. The visual effect is pretty convincing.

How cool is that?

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  1. It is cool but how do you make those type of biscuit??? i just love those biscuits, email me at type back soon


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