Tuesday 26 March 2013

The Bells of Saint John - more promo pics

Today the BBC have release two new promotional pictures for The Bells Of Saint John.

It’s a bit more of a serene image compared to the last ones!

As ever it shows some nice details of The Doctor’s new costume, giving us a little flash of the lining inside the Frock Coat.

Thank heavens, given the cost of the cashmere fabric the bulk of the coat is made from, this lining looks to be a nice and simple plain purple colour.

I’d love to track down those black leather gloves.
Not necessarily for cosplay, but it would be cool to wear the same gloves as The Doctor.

Personally I’m not convinced we’ll find a 100% match for the crash helmets. To me they look to be adapted from some form of basic helmet.

If you look at the picture below, you can see there is a ring of gaffer tape around the base of the dome!


  1. Either my computer is reading these and previous promo images wrong or the frock coat collar is most definitely corduroy.

    1. Your eyes are not deciveing you, the upper collar is made from quite a fine dark brown corduaroy.

    2. It's actually a deep purple colour, but yes - corduroy

  2. According to the Davida site the helmets and goggles are theirs.



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