Monday 18 March 2013

The Bells Of Saint John - costume portraits

The new series of Doctor Who is only days away, and there has been another collection of publicity still from the BBC press office.

Included in this batch are character portraits, including The Doctor in all his new finery.

The shots released give the best view yet of the new look.

The bow tie is a moody black silk number, with a subtle gold floral design.
Very nice!

His shirt is a pale blue striped dress shirt, with french cuffs and a plain (un-tabbed) collar.
Very smart!

We can see some detail now of the grey waistcoat, which has a woven fish-scale effect and silk buttons. it’s finished off with a double Albert pocket watch fob chain.
Very posh!

We can now get a decent look at his purple cashmere frock coat with corduroy collar and horn-button cuffs.
Very exclusive!

We can now very clearly see his two-tone purple and brown boots, emblazoned with an intricate hand-punched design.
Very fancy!

He still seems to be clinging onto those old G-Star RAW black jeans though.
Very last season!

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  1. I do not recall seeing the waistcoat in the episode at all. It struck me as odd because I remember wondering where it came from in "Rings."


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