Thursday 23 February 2012

Louise Page - The tie four story:
Matt & David’s photocall

There’s been a lot of interest over on my Tennant Suit blog recently, with the interview I conducted with costume designer Louise Page.

I wanted to make sure you Eleven cosplayers didn’t miss out, so I’m repeating part of her interview here, as it relates to Matt Smith’s very first day of filming on Doctor Who.

The End Of Time allowed for the only opportunity for David Tennant and Matt Smith to appear together in a unique publicity photograph.
As you can see they are both wearing the Christian Lacroix tie - but how is that possible if there was only one?

Louise Page explains how sometimes the camera can lie . . .

Thanks to Kevin Coppa for giving the interview clips the polished look, and enormous thanks to Louise Page for sharing her memories of dressing the Tenth Doctor with us all

Just to confirm Louise’s comments, here is an unaltered outtake from the photocall.

If you look closely you can see Matt is actually wearing Tie Two, the Daniel Hechter tie.

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