Monday 20 February 2012

No change for series seven costume

Filming started today on the next series of Doctor Who, and to show off, the BBC released an official publicity still showing Matt Smith and co-stars Karen Gillian and Arthur Darvill.

What the image does show us is The Doctor’s costume remains unchanged from Series Six, with the Shetland Tweed jacket; black G-Star RAW jeans; blue tabbed collar dress shirt, accessorised with burgundy bow tie and braces.

There had been hints that Matt wanted a change, possibly to a leather jacket, but for now things stay as they were. For now . . . .


  1. I'm glad to see the return of his Series 6 tweed jacket. Personally, I think it looks brilliant! Hopefully we'll see his Stetson and his Greatcoat return too.

  2. I took the article's reference to a "spot of leather" to possibly mean leather pants. I mean, his jeans already look like leather depending on the lighting.

  3. As far as i can see, the Bow-Tie looks like a new one, it look much "bulkier" especially in the middle, I think it saw it in a promotional shot for Doctor Who somewhere too.

  4. They had better keep the jacket. Tennant kept the same look throughout his run and I don't see changing Smith's could be any good for continuity of the character. Each Doctor needs his own "look" and I'd like to see them keep his wardrobe the same. Just keep swapping around the tie/shirt combos and you're set!


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