Wednesday 15 February 2012

Costume Index updates

Just thought I’d remind readers about my Matt Smith Costume Indexes, which I have been writing over the past couple of years.

This covers all 13 episodes of series five, and I have subsequently added the Meanwhile In The TARDIS scenes which join The Eleventh Hour to The Beast Below, and Flesh And Stone to The Vampires Of Venice.

This was written to cover the additional official appearances of Matt Smith as The Doctor at the BBC Proms, the Doctor Who Live show and his venture in the the world of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Principally covering the first seven episodes of Series Six, this also includes the 2010 Christmas Special and has recently been updated to include the Comic Relief special.

This completes series six, and encompasses the prequel to Let’s Kill Hitler.
Over Christmas I ran The Twelve Regenerations Of Christmas, and included a special index for Night And The Doctor, a series of four DVD-exclusive mini episodes.
They warranted a posting of their own as they do not have a specific continuity to the episodes and The Doctor wears so many different costumes through the course of it.

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