Sunday 1 January 2012

12-days – day seven

Day Seven
Today on the Twelve Regenerations Of Christmas I have a supplement to my popular Costume Index.

Series Six may have finished, but we already have had a number of DVD exclusive mini episodes.
Night And The Doctor
On complete Series Six DVDs disc 3
Episode One: Bad Night
These night time between adventure tales kicks off with The Doctor arriving back in the TARDIS wearing his top hat and tales, previously seen in The Big Bang and Let’s Kill Hitler.

The costume recently sold at a Bonhams Auction for £2,625.
Episode Two:Good Night
For the next part, The Doctor wears his white tuxedo, previously worn for the Hollywood pool party scene in A Christmas Carol.

We do get an interesting glimpse of the jacket’s cuffs, which show it has an uncommon five button vent (see left).
Episode Three: First Night
Episode Four: Last Night
The final two parts form one story, with The Doctor continuing to wear the white pool party tuxedo.

At the end of part four, an alternate timeline Doctor and River arrive, with The Doctor in his top hat and tails again.


  1. Happy new year, Steve! I enjoy reading your costume indexes and this one was a good read too.

    Though you could have added the 2010 'Meanwhile, in the TARDIS' segments and the 2011 Xmas special to this. Or will they be for a future 12 Regenerations day?

  2. If you look back to my Series Five Costume guide, I have added the Meanwhile In The TARDIS scenes in their correct places between the episodes to show their continuity.

    The latest Xmas special will be added shortly.

  3. here's a 11 costume query?

    I don't think I have ever seen any posts about the fez? steve, do you have any ideas where you can get one?

  4. On what episode is the last picture in?


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