Thursday 7 April 2011

Bow Ties are getting cooler!

The latest issue of SFX magazine dropped through my letterbox this morning, sporting a Doctor Who cover!
(see left)

Being a subscriber, I get the issues with the fronts devoid of the usual clutter of cover lines – which is a REAL bonus this issue, cos I get to see what the news-stand buyers don’t!

Matt is seen on the cover in his costume, and the news-stand version has a big picture banner across the bottom of the page, covering Matt’s trousers.
The subscriber issue doesn’t have this and you can see them very clearly (see below).

We sort of worked out they are a form of glazed cotton jeans, but they almost look like leather in this photo, they are so sheen!
There’s some good reference for the shape of the front pockets, which are a little unusual.

Why hasn’t anyone identified these yet!!
< Sorry about that – regains composure >

Inside there is a great article about the up-coming series, built around an exclusive interview with Matt Smith and an exclusive photo-shoot to accompany it.

To of the photos are GREAT reference for Matt’s new bow tie and shirt!

On page 49 (see below) you can clearly see the new burgundy bow tie, and how it has a very visible weave, unlike last season’s silk.

Page 51 (see below) give another good view f the bow tie, but an even better reference for the shirt.

The Paul Smith shirts of Season Five seem to be a distant memory, and it’s frustrating that no leads have been found yet as to where the new costume has been sourced from.

No doubt it will come to light at some point – but way too late for everyone to get one for themselves :(
SFX issue 208 is on news-stands this week, and can also be downloaded for iPad through Zinio.

While we are talking bow ties, another photo has been doing the rounds, show Matt’s blue variation for Season Six.

Again it is a textured silk weave, this time with an interlocking I pattern (see below).

Notice too, by the way, that although Matt is wearing his new tweed in both shots above, they are actually fractionally different. Look at the collar and lapel seam and how the pattern meets and lines up.


  1. I saw these exact trousers the other day when I was search for an Amy Pond Flesh and Stone jumper. I think I saw it on American Apparel but I can't remember. I was searching earlier when I saw this but I cannot find them any more :/

  2. Good spotting, Tepster! Would you mind going back through your search history and trying to find them :-)

  3. Dying to find this season's blue bow tie! Came close to finding the red one the other day but there was definitely a noticeable difference if you know what you're looking for. Anyone happened to come across this blue one? Would greatly appreciate the help :)

  4. for cross playing do you guys think that it would look okay to wear a red bow-tie and a blue shirt???


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