Wednesday 13 April 2011

EXCLUSIVE news - coming soon!

If you’re a mad Eleventh Doctor fan, and are trying to get yourself a series six costume together, then I’ve got FANTASTIC news for you. . .

. . . coming soon!

What can it be??!!
All WILL be revealed

I had an email this week from a follower of my blog, who had spotted part of Matt Smith’s new costume online, and after taking a look myself, I was pretty convinced it was exactly right!

So I have placed an order, which should be with me tomorrow – after which I will know for sure if it is right or not!

If it is: then FINALLY we will have nailed part of this new costume.

If it isn’t: then believe me, we will have found the best-ever second best option!!

Keep checking back to get this exclusive low down!


  1. Aww, I was hoping question marks were back in vogue

  2. Is it the Jack Wills Maxfield Tweed Blazer Brown?

  3. @farsh-nuke
    Yeah - why on earth did they ever go OUT of fashion?

    Ah - I wish it was the tweed jacket, but sadly no

  4. Lets hope its the jacket because I'm not fussed about anything else :P

  5. And my post arrived when I didn't see yours Steve! Nevermind! lol

  6. Is it the coat that he's been seen in?


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