Tuesday 29 March 2011

Stetson are cool!

The start of the new series is soon upon us, and as everyone knows it opens with a special two-part adventure set in America.

From the trailers and publicity still out so far, it appears The Doctor accessorises with appropriate American headwear – a Stetson!

Some more recent candid pictures emerged of the filing for a later episode, and the Stetson seems to crop up again (see left), this time giving us a much better view of it and the chance to find a match.

A bit more classy than the fez from last year, there are a number of places to easily get authentic Stetsons – in screen-accurate designs!

Some eagle-eyed members of the RPF have found out that it’s a Stetson 2X (see right).

Thanks goes to Calufrax for finding the follow sources for Stetsons.
Sell a good range of cowboy gear, and have the correct Stetson for $64.99.

From an international buyer’s point of view they are great, as they not only ship internationally, they list their prices in a wide range of currencies from a global drop-down menu.

Stock levels are indicated when you choose your size, so you can order confident that they can send the one you want.

They ship International, though I had to hunt to find my country as the list the UK as England, Scotland and Wales separately.
Shipping to England is an eye-watering $45.33, over half the cost of the hat. Strangely to Wales it is $44.

Brass Bit
Discount Western Wear

This comes across as a more of a bargain bucket seller, but their hat is $68.95.

Shipping to the UK is only $8.95, which though cheap doesn’t fill me with confidence it will arrive any time soon.

They do however, stock the widest range of sizes, from 6 3/4 up to 7 5/8, but no indication of supply levels.

they advise of up to 3 weeks for delivery, so I would assume they only hold minimal stocks and order in when needed.
Skips Boots

Despite sounding like a footwear seller, they also stock hats, including the correct Stetson, which are $64.
Sizing is currently limited to just 7 3/8 and 7 1/2 and they only ship within the US.

Ram Hats

They sell a range of sizes from 7 1/8 to 7 5/8, with notation of stock levels – handy to know when placing your order.

There is a choice of international shipping rates: international 1st Class is $25; and international with insurance is $35.

This is where I have ordered mine, and within 12 hours I had a notification of shipping! I should have it in time for the start of the series.

Rock on!


  1. Makes me wish I was one of these Stetson sellers!

    They will be going from the occasional sale, to tons of Doctor Who fans buying their product over night!

  2. Ace! It does indeed look a cool hat. Are there any leads on that coat yet?

  3. One of these showed up in my size on eBay over the weekend, so I managed to get it at about 1/3 MSRP.

    I had be sporting a medium brown beaver stetson for a few weeks, but now get to look forward to popping my head into this lighter-colored beaver.


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