Thursday 14 April 2011

EXCLUSIVE News - all can be revealed!

A couple of days ago I posted that I had some EXCLUSIVE News coming up.

Well done everyone who guess it is a lead on . . . .
The trousers!

This week I had an email from someone who follows my blog, saying that on a bored day they had been trawling the net looking around for the new jeans Matt Smith had been seen wearing, and had been using the photo I posted from the cover of SFX magazine as reference.

What they had found – abet in a conventional blue denim – was a pair of jeans with this distinctive low curved pocket shape; positioning of belt loops; location of rivets; and visible waist button.

The jeans are by G-Star, sometimes known as G-Star RAW.

The style of jeans are called as G-Star RAW Blade Jeans.

Some further digging around turned them up in black as well as blue.

Getting closer!

Here are a few pictures to compare the screen-worn trousers to a standard pair of the G-Star Raw Blade Jeans

It’s also possible to see where the G-Star RAW logo has been obscured (see left), in a similar way to Tennant’s Converse All Star sneakers had the ankle roundels painted out.

I have found two good places to order these jeans from: one in the UK, the other in the US. Both stock the jeans in Crushed Black, which as I will come to isn’t quite the right fabric yet.

UK -

I can highly recommend their delivery service. I placed my order at 6.30pm on Tuesday, and they arrived at 1.40pm on Wednesday - LESS than 24 hours later!

US -

The plain blue denim versions can be ordered in the US through

Now, the only problem so far is that I cannot find these jeans in the waxed fabric Matt Smith actually wears.

The G-Star website stocks jeans using the fabric – known as Spark Denim – but not in the Blade Jeans style.
This is where I throw it open to you to see if you can find them in the right fabric – and in stock!

I’ll be back real soon with some photos of the jeans I bought and some further comparisons to the screen-worn version.

Now I have a pair, I can also confirm the unusually low back pockets and back waist strap are all present on the pair I bought.

More to follow.


  1. Actually, with the google search link you posted, changing it to shopping reveals two pairs in the Spark Denim on E-Bay. But they still have the contrast stitching, which makes me wonder if they're accurate.

  2. I have just bought a pair from Ebay:

    Look pretty accurate to me and a bargain price :)

  3. It's called 'foil denim'.
    It's identical to the on screen used trousers.


    Check it!


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