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Prop Store London auction -
23rd September 2015

So, after a number of lack-lustre auctions, it finally looks like Bonhams has a genuine challenger to their Entertainment Memorabilia sales. have been selling high-end props and costumes for sometime now, including the occasional Doctor Who piece.

But this month they are holding a live auction at the BFI IMAX cinema in Waterloo - for all intents and purposes a Bonhams style auction.

there‘s some amazing stuff on offer, from Mr Spock’s costume from classic Star Trek, to costumes from Back To The Future, the Alien and Star Wars films.

And unlike the last couple of years of Bonhams auctions, there are is a good spread of quality items on offer to attract the interest of the dedicated Doctor Who fans out there.

As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:

Here are just the lots relating to
the Eleventh Doctor

Lot 102
The Doctor's (Matt Smith) "The Wedding of River Song" Soothsayer Costume
A soothsayer costume worn by The Doctor (Matt Smith) in the sci-fi television series Doctor Who. This style of costume is seen in the final episode of the sixth season titled “The Wedding of River Song” as The Doctor discusses the condition of time with Emperor Winston Churchill (Ian McNiece).
The costume consists of an olive green tunic and cream shawl. The tunic is made from coarse fabric with two dark blue strips of material running down the front and back. The shawl is made from heavy cream fabric with an olive green strip of material running along the hem. The costume displays light signs of wear. It remains overall in very good condition. Dimensions: Tunic measures 82 cm (32”) across chest

Estimate £600-800
Sold for £800

Lot 106
Rory Williams' (Arthur Darvill) "The Pandorica Opens" and "The Big Bang" Centurion Costume
Rory Williams' (Arthur Darvill) centurion costume from the BBC sci-fi television series Doctor Who. This costume was used by the Auton version of Rory in the fifth season episodes “The Pandorica Opens” and “The Big Bang.”

The costume components include a brass-coloured breastplate, a leather tunic, a red wool cape and undershirt, a leather skirt and belt, grey wool socks and leather boots. The sandal-like boots feature leather laces and lace up just past the ankle. The breastplate has an Angels The Costumier label and is marked “Rory” internally in black marker. Displaying wear from use, it remains in very good condition.

Dimensions: boots marked size 9

Estimate £400-600
Sold for £1,600

Lot 110
Rory Williams' (Arthur Darvill) “The Big Bang” Wedding Top Hat
A top hat worn by Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) from the BBC sci-fi television series Doctor Who. This hat was seen in promotional stills for the season five episode “The Big Bang” in which Williams marries fellow companion of The Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy Pond (Karen Gillan). Made from grey felt material, the hat features a grey ribbed silk band around the centre and brim.

The interior is padded and has been lined with cream satin with a brown leather sweatband. A Lock & Co. Hatters emblem is printed in the lining along with an Angels the Costumiers label. The hat displays minimal wear and remains in very good overall condition. Dimensions: 31.5 cm x 26 cm x 15 cm (11 ½” x 10 ¼” x 6”)

Estimate £100-200
Sold for £200

Lot 111
The Doctor's (Matt Smith) “The Big Bang” Wedding Top Hat
A top hat worn by The Doctor (Matt Smith) from the BBC sci-fi television series Doctor Who. This was seen in the season five episode “The Big Bang” as The Doctor attended the wedding of companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill).

The hat is made from black synthetic horsehair with a ribbed black band around the exterior. The interior displays a white satin lining with a black leather sweatband. The lining of the hat displays a number of light marks and is coming away slightly from the inside. The piece remains overall in good condition. Dimensions: 35 cm x 26.5 cm x 15 cm (13 ½” x 10 ½” x 6”)

Estimate £400-600
Sold for £900

You can see my photos from when I
visited the auction preview here

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