Friday 14 August 2015

Fabric Friday - Paul Smith series six shirt

Last week on Fabric Friday I showed you the series 7b shirt from Hide.

This week I’m going a little further back to series 6 for the Paul Smith shirt first used in The Impossible Astronaut.

There was much debate as to what the true colour of the shirt was, with some seeing it as purple/violet; others seeing it as blue; some thought it was a grey colour.

Ironically in a way all of these are almost correct, as the shirt by Paul Smith was available in a number of colourways, including a grey and blueish purple colour.

It’s very difficult to scan and keep the true colour, so I have had to colour correct theres images, which I’ve done to the best I can.

It’s quite a subtle cloth. If you look real closely you can see there are woven diamond shapes in the tie spaces between the stripes, something that rarely shows up on screen.

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