Sunday 21 September 2014

Custom Doctor Who codpieces

This had me in stitches this weekend - on so many levels.

I get people contacting me all the time to ask about Doctor Who costumes. Can I make them this.; how much is it for that. Some email me, others contact me through social media.

But today one came through on Google Hangout, which isn’t common. The upshot of their question was could they pop down the road to see me in Seattle Washington as they had heard about my Doctor Who costumes on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

Now, if you know a little about me you’d know I am UK based, living a little north of London and nowhere near Seattle.
The thing that did catch my ear was hearing about me on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. Had someone reviewed or name checked my work? Wow. If so I didn’t know about it and was keen to find out more.

I found their page on the net and it is a Saturday morning show on NPR Radio and WEBZ in Chicago.

On Saturday 20th September 2014 their guest was Rick Steves, a Seattle based (ah - that’s where the confusion comes from) travel journalist. As part of the show they run a comical quiz entitled Not My Job, where the guest has to answer questions about other people with similar names to their’s.
I had heard an edition where Scarlett Johansson was asked three questions about Gerry Anderson’s Captain Scarlet!

Rick was questioned about three Steve Ricks’s. One was a composer who makes mix-tapes to listen to while you’re stoned; another was a name check in a book called The Mammoth Book of Killers at Large; and yours truly!

I leave you to hear for yourself.
The fun can be found 5 minutes 50 seconds into in Not My Job: Travel Guru Rick Steves Gets Quizzed on Steve Ricks.


  1. Congratulations, Steve! I could not believe it when I heard they were going to ask him about people named 'Steve Ricks' - and you were the first one mentioned! For the record, I work for our NPR network here in South Carolina. I can go to the office tomorrow - proud to tell them I know you and that you were the inspiration for my femme 6th Doctor costume at this year's Gally.

  2. Just listened to that this morning!


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