Tuesday 21 October 2014

Series six red braces - also ran

If you’re looking to do a series six costume, specifically as seen in The Angels Take Manhattan, then something one of my readers has sent me will be of interest to you.

The red braces worn with Matt’s G-Star RAW jeans are quite distinctive, with black leather ends to the straps on which the silver clips are attached.

The have a semi-circular flap of leather over the top of the attachment, which isn’t a common design feature.

Stacy Adams Clip On Braces Red
It would appear that Stacy Adams currently stock braces in the right colour with this design of clip.
For US$29.99 you can’t go wrong - and they are screen accurate!

Grab a set while you can!!


  1. Not to pick at this post, but the braces aren't accurate. The braces he wore in TATM were Y-backed rather than X-backed.

  2. Already sold out. Bummer. I don't much care about the back because it's covered by the jacket. $30 is a pretty good deal.


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