Thursday 7 August 2014

Day Of The Doctor shirts -
last call for screen accurate fabric!

Back in April I brought you the definitive ID on the shirt worn by Matt Smith in The Day Of The Doctor.

The shirt was sourced off-the-shelf from Budd Shirtmakers of Piccadilly Arcade in London.

This is the same establishment that has custom-made the white, long-collared shirts worn by Peter Capaldi.

I recently went back to visit them to see how things were going.

By all accounts the shirts have been flying off the shelves, both the Blue End On End shirt (as worn by Matt Smith) and and the white shirts with custom shaped collars (as worn by Peter Capaldi).

So much so the blue shirts are now running low on stock using the screen-accurate fabric.

Budds are currently looking to source a replacement fabric, but finding a 100% match for the blue has been proving difficult.

In the meantime only collar sizes 16, 16.5 and 17 are available - while stocks last!

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  1. I was curious if you confirm which is the appropriate shirt? The images above almost look to have a purple-ish hue, was this the last of the SA fabric and the new one's use more of a blue? Also both the "Blue" and "Sky Blue" shirts tag as Doctor Who, which is correct? The color varies so much in caps that it's hard to tell for certain.



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