Tuesday 10 December 2013

The Doctor’s Double Albert chain

I’ve had a number of emails recently asking about the double Albert fob chain worn in The Snowmen and the subsequent episodes making up the latter half of series seven.

It has two chain loops, with a T-bar in the middle, from which hangs a medallion.

In The Snowmen it is silver; and for the episodes that follow it is a gilt colour.

It didn’t take me too long to track one down - on eBay - and here is the link to the seller I got it from. They seem to hold decent stock as it has been available for almost a year now.

Double Albert Bronze Tone Pocket Watch Fob Chain

The chain comes in a bronze metal, which for me gives a more antiqued look.

There is an option to not have it boxed, saving yourself a little money too.

The medallion is a metal shield - but this is easily changed by your local jeweller who can swap it for a suitable round medallion.

The costume from The Snowmen was on display at the 50th Anniversary Celebration, and it gave me a good chance to get a close-up look at the chain and medallion.

To my surprise it depicts a boxing match!

Does anyone know where this comes from?


  1. I've been researching the medallion myself, ha.

    It's a boxing fob medal. Typically presented to someone as an award for winning a boxing competition/match.

    The back is usually engraved with a name and a year/details.

    The problem with sourcing something like this, is given that it's a medal, there are thousands of shops and brands that could have produced it, and boxing medals particular all carry pretty much this exact embedded design (one man punching with another blocking), just with different framing.

    Without knowing the year or decade this particular one was made we'll have trouble tracking it down.

    If you get a chance, see if you can sneak a look at the back, there might be a year engraved onto it and would refine the search somewhat.

    I'll keep my eyes open in the meantime and let you know if I spot anything bud!

  2. You know I'm not sure this is a screen used fob as none of the promo pics show a completely silver one. I'll have to take a look through the episodes themselves and see if I can see any detail, but I think this may be an alt for display only since this actual fob ended up in the DWE the day after the anniversary special aired.

  3. I was at the DWE in Cardiff the Saturday before the Anniversary Special and the picture I've got of this fob is the same one as Steve's pic. That doesn't mean it's screen used of course, it's just been around a bit longer...

  4. Hello Steve! It was wonderful to finally meet you in person at the 50th convention. It's always so nice to meet the face behind the blog. :D

    I featured a picture of you and your Sixth Doctor coat in an entry I wrote. Hope you read my 50th con review sometime. http://norealplot.blogspot.com/2013/12/doctor-who-50th-anniversary.html


  5. I managed to find two fob medals identical to this only depicting skittles on one and angling on the other. Both were made by James Fenton in the early 50's.


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