Wednesday 16 October 2013

AbbyShot frock coat - more preview pics

This week AbbyShot have released some more preview pictures of their upcoming Matt Smith Frock Coat.

This time we get to see the front and a three-quarter side view.

My initial impression is that it looks a bit broad and the lapels feel a little large.

The colour of the fabric looks great, as does the corduroy collar.

I’m in two minds about the coat after seeing these pictures.

The overall shape of the coat looks pretty good, but a lot of the details - and there aren’t many - do look a bit off in one way or another.

But once worn in a complete costume it would look great - especially since the fabric has been, for one, well matched.

The biggest surprise in the photos released is that there is a ladies version coming as well!
Cashmere Frock Coat - Ladies version
The photos of the ladies version of the Cashmere Frock Coat look pretty good too, and I can see what they have done to adapt the pattern for a more feminine form.

Ironically this version has a better waisted shape compared to the male version, but the was it level is too low.

If you look at the back of the coat, the top of the split is exactly halfway down the back.
The back of a well cut frock coat has the split above the halfway level, to about a 55/45% proportion.

Given the number of email I get from female fans looking for costumes to fit them, I can see AbbyShot doing surprisingly well with this coat.

It sounds like they will have the coats available in time for the 50th Anniversary Celebration, so I look forward to seeing them there.

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