Tuesday 9 April 2013

Motorbike accessories -

With thanks to an anonymous reader of my blog (thank you, whoever you are!) we now have a POSITIVE identification on the motorbike accessories worn by Matt and Louise in The Bells Of Saint John!

Yeah? I hear you say - how can we be sure? - cos the manufacturers are bragging about it on their website!

Davida News - Classic Helmet as Worn By Doctor Who and Clara

According to the new story, here are the items used.

From what I can see you need to get the Davida Classic Helmet in Standard Black, which has the product code 60104.

The branded logo needs to be removed.

Helmets come in three sizes: small 54-58cm; medium 58-61cm; Large 61-64cm

based closely on original 1950s racing helmets, they have a leather interior with a cotton webbed harness and a quilted leather neck curtain.

They sell for around £240.

Davida Helmets - Classic Standard Black

The goggles are their Aviator Pilot T1 design, in Chrome, product code 670732.
Again the logo has been removed.

Made from black goats leather they have curved lenses for wide vision.

These sell for in the region of £100.

Davida Goggles - Aviator_Pilot T1

Sadly this doesn’t extend to the gloves, which do not match anything on Davida’s website.

The website lists dealers throughout the world, though you can apparently buy direct from the manufacturer.

Best of luck!

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  1. That was me, sorry. Haven't quite gotten the whole Google thing down! No problem, anytime! The blog's great and really proud to have brought to light at least one thing!


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