Tuesday 9 April 2013

Cold War - costume portrait

The next episode is coming soon, and the BBC official publicity stills are out.

Again there is a really great full length portrait of Matt Smith in costume.

The Doctor has ANOTHER new bow tie, from what must be a very full drawer in the TARDIS wardrobe.
This time its brown with a grid of cream coloured circles.

There is a new shirt, with light blue and pink stripes on a blue background.

Again he is wearing his favourite G-Star RAW black jeans and grey waistcoat, like in The Rings Of Akhaten wearing it without the fob chain.

But the one thing that is a surprise is that he is wearing his old black boots from series six - and if you look very closely you can see they are worn with extraordinary long laces which wrap around the ankle several times before tying in a rough bow on the inside of the ankle. Interesting.


  1. Steve,

    I must commend you on your wonderful abilities to master the Doctor's attires. But I do have a few questions for you. From the photos that have been coming from the internet; makes me wonder if there are two (2) Edwardian style Frock coats? Am I seeing things? The first one "Bells" had a tone of brown. Then in Cold War - it turns to a more 'blue based' coat. I know that the vests change, brown to gray to blue-ish gray, but seeing you have better resources then we have here across the pond...could you please clairify this matter for me. Thanks you!

  2. I noticed the circles on the bow-tie. I suspect it's a direct troughton nod, it's the same sort of pattern as in some shots from Troughton's multi-doctor episodes he features in. Since his seemed to have varied a lot, like the goodness-knows-how-many pairs of plaid trousers and grids, handkerchiefs, some outrageous braces and finally the bow-ties.


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